Quay News Floor Manager

Quays News is an online digital News platform powered by a dedicated team of students from the University of Salford. They follow stories that are important locally to the North West community, producing specialised content and broadcasting programmes including ‘Quays News’ LIVE from the studio at MediaCityUK.

This week I took on the Floor Manager position which involves;

  • checking that equipment, e.g. microphones and earpieces, are working before the show;
  • referring to floor plans;
  • assisting guests on the show;
  • relaying instructions from the control room to the studio floor using a talkback system;
  • keeping the director and producer informed of action off-camera;
  • assisting in the planning and preparation of productions;
  • overseeing the work of other departments, such as sound, lighting and props;
  • rehearsing live shows;
  • giving cues and time counts to presenters, actors or guests;
  • organising runners to make the best use of studio time;
  • looking ahead in the programme schedule to anticipate any changes to the set, or to see what props are required later in the show;
  • briefing and looking after those involved in the programme;
  • managing the audience, e.g. explaining safety requirements, show timings and what will happen during filming and when the programme will be aired;


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