Confused between your Hashtags and your pinned posts? Does even the mention of page likes and SEO make your brain melt?

Social Media is a fast moving, ever growing and evolving media that helps shape the lives its users, from delivering us information and news both on a global and micro scale to giving us a space to relax and play games.

While a lot of people use social media its a real art to understand it and know how to use it in a business capacity, which is why people like me are so valuable! With detailed knowledge in many social media sites and behaviours of the public I can add real value to your social media interactions. From working with businesses to charities and artists there is always a way to get to your market and I can help you find it!

I have provided training for companies in how to use their social media, provided artwork and images that are optimised for social media as well as actively running social media account for a number of different clients.